Welcome to Still Bay Animal Protection - Reaching Out and Giving a Voice to Animals without One!


Reaching out and giving a voice to animals in Still Bay and surrounding areas! We are a bona-fida non-profit organisation (NPO 099-740) and have SARS PBO status!

We do not receive any funding from government bodies. So, every rand we spend on medicine and running costs comes from our own fundraising efforts!

You will find our SBAP collection boxes in most shops in and around Still Bay! We welcome donations with open arms and can ensure that every rand is spent wisely.


Of all our expenses, the animal ambulance is the biggest drain on our finances for both fuel plus maintenance and insurance. So, if you feel that want to help us by donating money directly to Still Bay Animal Protection, our bank detail are: 

Nedbank, Still Bay, 6674

Still Bay Animal Protection

Account Number: 1626530300

Every rand you donate is spent in the local area and does not go to finance needless office buildings but instead it's all spent directly assisting sick and distressed animals in our area. 


For Animal Welfare and similar issues please use our main contact number which is 082 700 2491 we have an additional number for donations and the like and this is given below.

We find that reporting lost pets on Facebook both speedy and effective our Facebook link is shown to the left on this page. There are also two Still Bay Facebook groups both with a total of over 20,000 members! Any missing pet is automatically posted in these two groups giving maximum coverage.

Remember that we recommend that dogs are fitted with a name tag even if they are "chipped" as this really makes finding owners so much easier!


This is the website of Still Bay Animal Protection or SBAP for short! 

Please note, the reason for our name being in in English, is to avoid confusion with any other organisations  that are  involved with animal protection, as this has often been a problem in the past. So, Still Bay Animal Protection or SBAP it is!

This website contains much reference information and documents. However, our day to day events and calendar are on our Facebook group. Please click the link to the left and view or join us on Facebook. 

Please remember that we survive as a group by collecting donations and from our own fundraising events! Even if you are unable to donate money we happily accept items for inclusion in our regular jumble sales and we'll even collect this from you if needs be! Our Office number is 065 952 6910.